“Evokes the wide-open spaces of the American Midwest.
Sounds like the Gourds at their bone-rattling best”


New Album
On Your Side

On Your Side


Second Album
In another life

In another life


Debut Album
Songs that remind me of you

Songs that remind me of you



“With folk-rockers like Mumford And Sons in fashion, hopefully there’s a place for these Exeter lads. They do anthemic rabble- rousing tunes with more fire than anyone in Britain. A feast of moving songs that deserves to blaze a trail to next summer’s festivals.”


Five stars

“What sets Count To Fire apart is the sheer quality of the song writing….hugely recommended.”


“Nestled somewhere inbetween indie, pop and folk, Count To Fire have a completely unique sound meaning the boys stand out for all the right reasons.”


Four stars


Make It Work - Live


Saturday 1st August

Sidmouth Folk Festival
The Anker Garden Stage
Headline slot 9:30pm

Saturday 6th June

The Cavern
Free entry before 9pm

Saturday 9th May

The Old Firehouse



Count To Fire were inspired by a love of great American Alt-Country bands such as Wilco and My Morning Jacket, and a frustration that their records and gigs never came to town.

There are plenty of British bands who have tried to take inspiration from the emotions and expansiveness of Americana but end up losing their own identity in the process. Not so for Exeter’s Count To Fire. Playing original songs influenced by both early country and contemporary rock music the band have trod their own musical path towards new English alt-country.


Formed out of a meeting in a record shop in 2006 and fast becoming Devon favourites, the band’s early work drew wide acclaim for the quality of their song writing. Their first recordings caught the ear of a celebrated Canadian producer and they were invited across the pond in 2010 to record their anthemic second album. The alt-country sound of guitars, violins and pedal steel matched with the group’s obvious Englishness proved a hit and earned them great critical acclaim for their original and organic approach. This included BBC radio play, reviews in the likes of Uncut magazine & even 5 stars from the News of The World!


Obvious comparisons to folk-rockers Mumford & Sons abound but this is country, not folk, more “refreshing and cutthroat” according to Artrocker magazine. Coming alive on stage the band leapt into a hectic gig schedule culminating in a series of high-profile festival appearances playing to packed out crowds in the summer of 2011.

Fast forward a few years and the band have all experienced some life turns and lessons, some with new relationships, some with new children and all with new homes. Taking time to reflect the guys returned to their roots, choosing to record at Exeter’s boutique Valvetastic Studios, the site of their very first recordings. Working closely over two years with the ever stalwart owner & producer Joe Holroyd, band members visited, usually one at a time, to gradually lay down parts and build up an extraordinary collection of songs.


The album ‘On Your Side’ The album ‘On Your Side’ will be released in February 2014 on NEO Music. Seeped in pathos and with space to breath there is a quiet strength to these recordings which are rich in vocal harmonies and are driven once more with gripping song writing planted firmly in the fore. With lots of special events and performances in the pipeline it seems Count To Fire remain a musical force to be reckoned with.


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